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9 Best Holiday Destinations in India To Visit in May 2020

Looking for the best holiday destinations in India to visit in April & May 2020? Cool! Let’s begin!

As Summer is knocking at the door and most of you want to stay alive through the Indian summers and to avoid it, many of us put sunscreen, sunglasses, a top hat and drink lots of water, but there is a way, which you can try and will definitely let you cool & calm this summer.

Places with higher altitude!

People in India are fond of summer vacations and April and May are the best months to spend your quality time with dear ones.

As soon as summer starts, a number of beaches, hill stations, and tropical islands become vibrant with a huge crowd, especially international tourists. 

Best Holiday Destinations in India To Visit During Summer

So, without further digressions, I’m moving on to the list that includes the best holiday destinations in India to visit during the Summer.

Instead of searching here and there, take your pick from the list mentioned below and just go without keeping a single doubt in the mind. 

#1 Rishikesh, Uttarakhand


It will not be a colder location, but the riverside morning evenings are pleasant. If you have a shoestring budget then you can opt for this location.

Or If you’re seeking a peaceful place, then Rishikesh is the right place for you, which is also known as Yoga Capital of the World. Hosting a large number of Yoga centers, ashrams, and temples that are definitely worth a paying visit.

Moving to the adventurous side, this town hosts India’s highest bungee jump, which is a thing of pride on its own. Further, it also offers river rafting, cliff jumping and much more that will keep you entertained!

#2 Gangtok, Sikkim


Gangtok means “Hill Top”, which is true to its name. It features eye-catching scenery, trekking paths, glacial lakes, monasteries, and scrumptious food.

When clouds clear, mostly at dawn, the views become more mesmerizing. It also holds great religious significance because of Buddhism.

#3 Manali, Himachal Pradesh


One of the best hill stations among the honeymooners and family vacationers in India. Due to its fantastic weather and breathtaking landscape, this place has become the most popular summer holiday destination.

In Spite of exquisite locations, this hill town offers a number of amazing opportunities, which are full of adventurous. One can pamper themselves in many activities, such as trekking, zorbing, zip-lining, river rafting, paragliding and more.

#4 Coorg, Karnataka


Coorg, better known as the Kashmir of the South, is blessed with eye-catching landscapes. With a delicious aroma of coffee, spices, and oranges, this place holds the best environment in the month of April and May.

What better than this that you are waking up by viewing the cloudy mountains in the early morning with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. This place is also ideal for nature walks, trekking, bird-watching and much more.

#5 Darjeeling, West Bengal


April is the best month to enjoy the splendid topography of Darjeeling. Popularly known as “black capital of India”, Offering highly pleasant weather with a little chill to make you with the feel of the hill station.

Here, you’ll find lush tea plantations, which are known across the globe. Further, it also offers scenic views along with food that you can’t be given a miss!

#6 Auli, Uttarakhand


Auli is known as the “Devbhoomi” and also known as one of the most adventurous yet safe options among the Himalayan ski circuit. Auli’s slopes are the best for skiing and the views are eye-catching that will make your visit worth.

There are a number of places, where you can catch a glimpse of majestic Himalayan peaks, such as the Kamat, Nanda Devi, and the Mana Parvat.

#7 Mon, Nagaland


This city offers Aoling festival of the Konyak Nagas, which is mostly celebrated in the month of April. Many cultural programs, such as traditional music, dances and games are showcased with the aim of spreading peace and culture among the tribes.

The activities like headhunter and tattooed Nagas are seen during the month of April. Before reaching Nagaland, you’ll be visiting other gorgeous and untouched states part of North East India. 

So, you can count this visit as a whole package!

#8 Andaman & Nicobar


Are you looking for a place that can unwind during the month of April or May? If yes, then go ahead on to Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Popular among the tourists, this place has earned a reputation for itself with its opaque emerald waters, legendary beaches and tropical forests.

Moving on to the adventurous side, these places hold a number of activities, such as scuba diving, dolphin watching, snorkeling and much more. The most popular tourist spots are Cellular Jail, Elephant Beach and more.

#9 Ooty, Karnataka

Ooty by Nishant Srivastava bike trip

Ooty- the pride of South Indian and the queen of hill stations! Featuring sprawling grasslands, tranquil lakes, and an enchanting array of trees. Due to its natural beauty, a large number of tourists every year.

April and May are the best months to visit this chill place as the temperature is on the pleasant side.

Our country offers numerous places that can easily beat international destinations and will you feel that you’re in heaven. Where you’re planning to go now? I’m very sure that whichever destination you will choose, will make a lifetime experience for you and dear ones.

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