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10 Best Travel Related Jobs and Professions Loved by Travelers

Love traveling, but don’t own a money plant? what about a job that pays you to travel?

The old theory says you can’t have the best of both at a time, mine says, yes you can. And earning along with traveling, what else can be better fortune than this.

Yeah, that’s right! You don’t need to drain your savings for exploring the world. With the right skill sets, you can make travel as a path of your career that not just let you frequently visit different places indeed you will be getting paid for it.

So, here we listed the top 10 employment opportunities related to traveling, one of them might be right for you!

#1. Travel Writer/Blogger

Blogging while travelling

Personally, I believe that Travel Writing is the best job in the world which a wanderlust can dream of. However, it isn’t that simple unless you can express in words what you feel. And for that, you have to be a great writer first then need to learn some other stuff related to travel writing.

Initially, you might have to pay for your own travel expenses to cover the experience on papers or websites, but when your writing skill shines enough, many magazines, websites, travel guidebooks and newspapers will literally pay you for traveling different places to experience and write about them.

#2. Cruise Line Work 

This is an awesome job for the travel fanatics to explore the globe while working on a private yacht or large cruise ship.

One can try one’s skills on Cruise Line work, as ship companies have several openings for different positions on the Cruise, like deckhand, chef, tour manager, engineer, and more.

#3. Travelling Fitness Instructor

A freelance fitness trainer is another good opportunity that let you earn money while traveling to different locations.

If you are a fitness instructor at local, you can use your skill to travel across the world on the expenses of travel agencies. You can give classes on different fitness exercises like yoga, tango, dance, Zumba and Pilates.

#4. Tour Guide

A tour guide should be aware of every nook and cranny of the place including the hidden alleyways. If you are outgoing & friendly and interested in showing people places where you have already been, this could be the ideal job for you.

This profession requires a good knowledge of history, culture, music, food, etc. related to the place you are guiding.

#5. Sports Instructor

While traveling people love doing many adventure sports like Surfing, skiing, scuba diving, skydiving, rock climbing, fly fishing, kayaking, sailing, mountaineering, and many others. And anyone who signs up for any of these sports needs proper instructions from the expert.

If you are highly expert in any of the adventure sports, you can get a job as a professional mentor of a travel group.

This is another good job of making money from doing what you love while traveling.

#6. Travel Photographer

Travel photographer in India Ghoomshuda

It really needs a strive of years to become a professional travel or adventure photographer.

If you are a creative mind in capturing the shots, you can make good money in this profession while exploring different shades of the world.

You can work as a full-time photographer with a travel agency. Or you can also sell your collection of pictures to the magazines, websites or newspapers at a great price.

#7. Flight Attendant

Becoming a Flight Attendant would be one of the most obvious travel jobs, though it’s also the most enjoyable and attainable one too.

However, it’s not an easy task to look super presentable all the time with the wide smile on the face, no matter how frustrating you are from inside.

#8. Video Work/ Vlogging 

Vlogging profession and job Ghoomshuda

Filming the experience while traveling around the world is another dream job for most of the people.

At an initial stage, you can make money by a few different ways such as shooting the video and selling it, uploading online or producing ads for different travel agencies.

once you become exceptionally good at it, many companies are out there which don’t just pay you to record your travel experiences across the globe, even offers a VIP treatment as well.

#9. Bartender

Bartending is one of the most popular and easy jobs for wanderlusts. As a bar, nightclubs and restaurants are everywhere and require almost similar job description, it makes it easy to work worldwide.

All you need is a working visa for the country you want to work in, a job in this profession is almost guaranteed.

#10. Travel Agent

Since travel agents work as a mediator between travelers and hotels/airlines/tourism organizations, they need to experience everything firsthand before selling anything.

The job also has some added bonus like it offers family trips at no cost and heavy discounts on personal trips as well.

If you are a travel seeker and also an expert in booking trips and making arrangements, this is the correct choice for your career.

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