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Winter Wonderland Just 320 KMs from Delhi – (Solo Bike Trip)

Chakrata is located in Uttrakhand and 100KMs from Dehradun and 320KMs from Delhi, it is the nearest spot to enjoy snow and snowfall in winters from Delhi.

I’m sharing my adventure of a winter motorcycle ride to Chakrata, you can reach there by taxi or by your own car or motorcycle. I prefer my Bajaj Avenger 220.

Ride to Chakrata was not my first winter ride, I did my First winter ride from Delhi to Manali ride in December 2016.

My Route: Delhi-Roorkee-Dehradun-Vikas Nagar-Chakrata

Best Route: Delhi-Yamuna Nagar(Via Karnal Highway)-Paonta Sahib(via NH73A)-Vikas Nagar-Chakrata.

My journey started from my home at 4:30 AM and it was a poor decision, I was thinking that if I cross Meerut before 8 AM, then I will reach my destination by 2 PM, just after 15 minutes of the ride I was in fog and dew showers.

It was an idiotic decision to start early and I had no other choice after leaving home.

My speed was around 35-40KM/Hrs. It was dark and foggy, I was able to do it because I had fog lamps.

After few minutes, I stopped at a small Dhaba and everyone was looking at me. I am sure they must be thinking that I am an Idiot. I asked for a cup of tea, I stayed there for half an hour, it was 5:30 in the morning still everything was dark and hazy.

Delhi-to-chakrata-motorcycle-ride-in-winters-Nishant Srivastava

After riding another 30 minutes I stopped again for tea, I was freezing in cold and my fingers were numb. I stopped there to get some warmness from the fire.

I decided, that I will resume the rest of my run after the dawn, I was sitting with some policemen, they were doing their night shifts and we were discussing the upcoming UP Elections and they were sharing stories of highway accidents which they get to see all day.

I was there for almost an hour, Darkness was gone, but the sun was not present and the fog was very thick, even I was able to recognize my shadow on it when some vehicle crosses next to my bike. I hope you can imagine the situation.

After riding 2 Hrs at the speed of 40KM/Hrs I was approaching Roorkee, now I had two options, I could take Saharanpur route or Roorkee route.

I took the Roorkee way, after reaching Roorkee I had my breakfast with another tea, Yes teas are life saviors in winter rides.


It was around 11 AM, I was sitting in front of fire and sun was trying to shine and it was the good sign for the rest of my trip.

I took my time and ate some sandwiches with tea, then I was sure and ready to finish the rest part.

Chakrata is around 150 KM from Roorkee and that includes 70 KMs of Mountain Ride, I was charged and excited to complete it. I started my course and my next target was Dehradun.

Via Dehradun is not the best way to reach Chakrata. I would strongly recommend another route.

Delhi-Yamuna Nagar(Via Karnal Highway)-Paonta Sahib-Vikas Nagar-Chakrata.

This route is the best route except for some kilometers in Yamuna Nagar, but Yamuna Nagar to Paonta Sahib Highway(NH73A) is beautiful with less traffic and excellent road, I choose this route in my return Journey.

Now, back to my journey, I reached Dehradun around 12:30 PM sun was shining, it was the peak season for tourists.

Mussoorie and other hill stations were getting tons of tourists. traffic was high, I took the turn to Prem Nagar and I was heading to Vikas Nagar. Now, Traffic was moderate and my speed was 50-60KM/Hrs. I complete that 45 KMs distance (Dehradun to Vikas Nagar) in one hour.


It was 1:30 PM, I stopped at Vikas Nagar for Lunch and had some gobi paratha.

Everything was fine and I was getting close to my goal, it gonna be a 3 hrs ride in mountains.

Road condition was great till Sahiya (Village near Chakrata), without any traffic after that, the Last 24 Kms were the most challenging, roads were broken with big patches water was flowing on the road it was slippery full of mud.


Somehow, I managed to accomplish the distance of 20 Kms, after that, I was able to see snow on the distant mountains, but I was not sure that I would be able to see some snow because the sun was glowing on its full and snow gets melt pretty quick in the shining sun.

But, when I was in last 2 Kms of Journey I saw some snow/ice in the roadside ditch. It was a good sign and I was pleased. I continued my ride to get more.

Then someone stopped me for help. Two boys were stuck with their scooter, they slipped on Ice and their front Tyre was jammed. I tried to help them with my tools, but the condition of their scooter was bad and it needed professional help, So I told them to go back to Chakrata and get some help.

Now, I was going to finish the last 1KMs but before that, It was my turn to fall, just before the Chakrata entry gate, I misjudged the salt Ice and I fell down with my bike. I was fine but it was the alarming bell for the rest of my ride.

bike-ride-to-chakrata-by-Nishant-Srivastava-Indianable in Chakrata

I was in Chakrata but I was still riding to see more snow, I was getting more snow on both sides of the roads. Mountains were full of snow and ice.

bike-ride-to-chakrata-by-Nishant-Srivastava-Indianable in Chakrata

It was very beautiful and I was satisfied.

Then, I met two guys, Shivang Dobhal and Amit Thakur, one was from Uttrakhand and another was from Himachal Pradesh and Chakrata is almost on UK – Himachal border.

They both lives in Herbertpur and we talked and decided to go further, they were on their Bike, we rode 2 Kms more and then I reached somewhere between Chakrata and Lokhandi.

We stay there for a while for pictures and we were playing in the snow like a kid.

NH73A-Paonta-Sahib-to-Yamuna-Nagar-Indianable in Chakrata

Sun was ready to set and we were enjoying the weather.

Sunset-in-chakrata-uttarakhand-Indianable in Chakrata

I had plans to stay there for a night but there were no hotels available, so I headed back to Vikas Nagar with Shivang and Amit.

They arranged my stay in Vikas Nagar.

Next Day, I was heading back to home via Paonta Sahib.

I was on NH73A also known as the NH907 highway, from Paonta sahib to Yamuna Nagar.

NH73A-Paonta-Sahib-to-Yamuna-Nagar-Indianable in Chakrata

While driving through this forest highway, I saw a Neel Gai, leopard, and hundreds of monkeys, they were sitting on the road with their families.

NH73A is one of the most beautiful Highways in India.

A straight road without any traffic, it gives you the real pleasure of road trip.

I started my journey from Vikas Nagar at 11 AM and I was home around 6 PM.

It was my first ride in heavy snow, experienced salt ice and black ice for the first time.
Black Ice is the most dangerous, it is a transparent coating of ice on the black road.

I fell down two times with my bajaj avenger. (Both are fine)

from this ride, I learned many new things about riding a motorcycle in winters and snow!

It was just 320 KMs ride from Delhi, I took the other route via Dehradun, it cost me 60 KMs extra.

In winters, a 380 KMs ride is equaled to 800 KMs ride.

But every good and bad thing teach us something!

“Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

Best Time for Chakrata

If you want to see snow then 1 January to 15 February is the best time, Chakrata is also good for summer, it is less crowded than other hill stations near Delhi, Avoid going in monsoon.

Things to do in Chakrata

Hike to Tiger Fall

River Rafting and Camping

Meadows and Budher Caves

Rock Climibing

Transportation for Chakrata

Chakrata is 100 KMs from Dehradun so You can take a cab or bus from Dehradun if you are coming by train, or you can get a bus to Vikas Nagar then shared cab to Chakrata.

If you have any Questions, you can ask in the comment section. 🙂

Nishant Srivastava

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