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How To Visit Miyar Valley – Mobile Network, Homestays | Lahaul Spiti District

Lahaul and Spiti district is one of the remotest districts in India, nowadays Spiti has been flooded with tourists and thanks to Bollywood films like Paap, Highway, etc.

On the other hand, Lahaul is still untouched and it is limited to the Leh Manali Highway for most of the tourists. People do know about Lahaul, but they visit only Keylong, Tandi, Koksar and few of them visit Trilokinath and Udaipur too.

shukto village in Miyar Valley Guide Nishant Views

All of them are on Leh Manali Highway and people traveling from Manali to Leh stopping at the villages and town on Leh Manali highway.

Most of the Lahaul remains untouched, like Trilokinath, Tandi, Udaipur, Miyar Valley, Tindi, and other beautiful places are less visited and only a handful of people go there every year.

Last year, When I was staying at Chandra Bhaga Camps in Tandi, I got a chance to visit these hidden gems of Himachal Pradesh and Miyar valley is one of them.

Lush green valley of Miyar Valley Bike Trip

Although Miyar valley is quite famous for trekking among foreign professional trekkers, it connects Lahaul of Himachal Pradesh to the Zanskar region of Ladakh Union Territory. Trekkers trek to the Kang la Pass and many 5000 meters above peaks.

How to Reach Miyar Valley

The nearest town from Miyar is Udaipur and Udaipur is well connected by road to the rest of the Lahaul.

First of all, you need to reach Udaipur, regular buses are available from Killard, Tandi, Keylong, Koksar for Udaipur.

And for Miyar Valley, You can take a bus from Udaipur, The bus runs daily from Udaipur to Tingret village of Miyar valley which is around 22 Km from the Udaipur town.

tingret village of Miyar valley

Shukto is the last village connected with the road in Miyar valley 5 Kms from Tingret, beyond that roads are not available, you can go further to the Khanjar village by trekking, stays are available in all villages of Miyar Valley, the bridge on the river was under construction and soon roads will reach deeper into the valley.

You can also hire a Taxi from Udaipur or Keylong or you can rent a Bike from Keylong or Udaipur.

Road Conditions: Roads are in very bad shape, you will face around 7 to 10 Water crossing and 4 of them are dangerous, so if you don’t have experience in motorcycle riding then avoid going by bike, you can check my Vlog below the article to check the road conditions.

miyar valley water crossings trek
Water Crossing in Miyar Valley

Best Time to Visit

Only 4 to 5 months it stays connected, the rest of the time roads remains closed due to snow. You can visit there in the month of June, July, August, Sept, and October.

Mobile Network and ATMs in Miyar Valley

Only BSNL works in that area, but when I was riding to the miyar valley Jio fibers works was going on, soon you will be able to get JIO 4G there.

No other networks work for now.

1 ATM is available in Tingret village, but cash availability is an issue there, I would suggest you carry enough cash from Udaipur or Keylong.

Homestays and Hotels

There are no hotels there, only a few guest houses in Tingret village and one homestay in Shukto village where I stayed, beyond that, homestays are available in Khanjar village and there are some camps also available after Shukto village.

They charged us 700 Rupees per person including food and Tea. Homestays and small dhabas can provide you food and shelter.

Tashi Home Stay

Contact Nurbu Chhering: 09459904065

Places to Visit

Miyar valley is for nature lovers, you won’t find any specific tourist places there except monasteries in villages.

Note: I am not a professional writer, so spare me for the grammatical mistakes in the article.

Checkout My Vlog About the Miyar Valley

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